Berri Boisson Bags

Berri Boisson Bags are an innovative way to take your cask wine of choice out with you next time you go out.

With your pre-chilled cask wine, you can conveniently place the wine bladder into your insulated Berri Boisson Bag. A secondary insulated panel is then placed over the top of the wine bladder where your wine can then be sealed away from inquisitive eyes.

You can venture out to a picnic, a friends place or even out to dinner with your favourite beverage and simply pour it out into your glass whenever you need to.

When it comes time to have a drink, simply open the side flap of your Berri Boisson Bag and  guide the wine bladder spigot through. Ensure that the elastic is pulled right over the spigot to ensure it is snugly in place.

By using one of our Berri Boisson Bag Table Hangers, there's no need to even pick up your bag to pour a drink!

All Berri Boisson Bags, come with a strap that can conveniently be removed once your bag is of a suitable carrying weight.

And with each Berri Boisson bag purchase you get a **FREE** Wine Bladder bag!

Available in 5 different colours.