Berri Boisson Bottle Bags

What to do when you go out to an event and don’t want to drag an esky along?

Why don’t you take along a stylish Berri Boisson Bottle Bag?

This stylish bag not only looks great, but it has a hidden thermal insulated lining inside to keep your wine cold! It fits a standard sized bottle of wine in it and also has room for a small cooler ice block and your cheese and biccies. Once your bottle is secure in place, you can then put the cover over and add in your necessities (car keys; phone; wallet; lipstick) without having to worry about the bottle. There is also an added side zipper pocket allows you extra access if you don’t want to keep opening up the bag.

The bag doesn’t only have to be used for wine bottles. It can be used to keep anything cool; beer; cool drinks; water; juice. If really necessary, it can even be used as an insulated lunch bag for when you want to look good stepping out of the office for a bite to eat!

Available in 7 different colours