About Us

Berri Boisson offers a beautiful style of handbag and accessories to carry around your beverage of choice in a simple, elegant, hidden manner.

I started this venture in 2014 as I saw something similar while I was travelling in the UK. I absolutely loved the concept but I wanted to come up with something different that I would like to use myself. I was after a stylish looking handbag that was easy to use that would both carry and insulate my wine. Stylish, classy, versatile. So, through an endless amount of research and alas many failed attempts, I finally came up with the idea of the Berri Boisson Company.

Berri Boisson bags look just like a designer handbag, but they will snugly fit in a bottle of wine or cask wine in an insulated section, as well as a few other necessities (like cheese and biccies).

Berri = Used in viticulture for style of grape
Boisson = The French word for drink
Bag = Bag

I hope you like our products as much as we do.

Warmest Wishes,

The Berri Boisson Team